Virtual/Instructor-led training

Worklife Balance for Parents and Carers

Thriving in Times of Change


Parenting and caregiving can be demanding, and balancing these responsibilities with work can feel like a juggling act. This workshop is tailored to empower employees who are parents or carers with the tools and strategies needed to effectively manage their professional and personal lives, fostering a sense of balance and well-being.

  1. Understanding the Essence of Work-Life Balance:
    • Delve into the significance of balance for parents and caregivers.
    • Explore the positive impact it has on well-being and overall life satisfaction.
  2. Strategies for Achieving Work-Life Balance:
    • Uncover practical tips and proven techniques to attain equilibrium.
    • Learn how to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities for balance.
  3. Daily Integration of Work-Life Balance:
    • Implement actionable steps and strategies for seamlessly incorporating balance into your everyday life.
    • Explore key areas such as time management, boundary setting, and accessing support networks.

included in 90-min & Half Day sessions

  • Priority Setting and Goal Alignment: Participants identify their top priorities in both their personal and professional lives, set specific goals related to these priorities, and practice using the Eisenhower Matrix (urgent vs. important) to categorize tasks.
  • Technology Detox: Participants plan “tech-free zones” in their homes to create a space for uninterrupted family interactions.
  • Gratitude Practice: Participants will engage in a gratitude exercise, listing things they are thankful for each day – introducing this practice as a tool for shifting focus from stress to positivity.