Virtual/Instructor-led training

Women's Wellbeing


Throughout this session, we will delve into nutrition, fitness, emotional wellness, hormonal balance, and self-care, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies through interactive discussions to empower participants in their pursuit of holistic health.

  • Exploring women’s physical well-being, including exercise’s significance, gender-specific health issues, and preventive care strategies.
  • Nurturing women’s nutrition by understanding unique dietary needs, balanced guidelines, essential nutrients, and practical tips.
  • Focusing on women’s mental health, linking it to overall well-being, managing stress, anxiety, and emotions, and enhancing resilience through self-care.
  • Balancing hormonal health with insights into its impact, life stage-specific strategies, and empowering knowledge about one’s body.
  • Prioritizing self-care and balance through self-care’s role in wellness, work-life strategies, and practical daily routines.