Wellness Week Packages


Provide your employees with a selection of wellness and training sessions to reinforce healthy habits, and ip level some essential skills. Try one of our themed wellness week packages or Build Your Own.

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Stress Relief Wellness Week

  • Onsite Massage Therapy: Offering 10, 15, or 20-minute chair massage sessions, specifically designed for quick stress relief and relaxation.
  • Journaling Workshop: An introductory session highlighting the benefits of journaling in achieving emotional balance and self-awareness.
  • Mindfulness Meditation Session: A beginner-friendly session filled with short exercises for incorporating mindfulness into daily life, enhancing focus and calm.
  • Tai Chi Session: A session that combines mental focus and physical movement, aimed at improving balance, tranquility, and mind-body coordination.
Mental Health Program

Self Growth Wellness Week

  • Growth Mindset Session: Workshop focusing on embracing challenges, continuous learning, and adapting to change.
  • Vision Board Workshop: Session dedicated to creating personal/team vision boards, a tool for clarifying and focusing on key goals.
  • Time Management Session: Training on effective time management, offering strategies for balancing priorities and enhancing productivity.
  • Communication Skills Session: Interactive training to improve communication skills, covering aspects such as clarity, empathy, and effective listening.
  • Emotional Intelligence Training: Workshop to develop emotional intelligence, focusing on empathy, self-awareness, and managing interpersonal relationships.
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Healthy Living Wellness Week

  • Pop-Up Smoothie Bar: Interactive pop-up bar featuring a variety of healthy and delicious smoothies, emphasizing nutrition and wellness.
  • Nutrition Session: A selection of educational sessions providing insights into balanced nutrition, including guidance on healthy eating habits and dietary choices.
  • Fitness Session: A collection of dynamic fitness sessions offering a range of exercises tailored to enhance physical well-being and promote an active lifestyle.
  • Mindfulness session: Guided session focused on mindfulness techniques, aimed at reducing stress and improving overall mental clarity and focus.
Mental Health Program

Mental Health Week

  • Burnout Prevention Session: Session dedicated to identifying and addressing burnout, offering practical strategies for stress management and work-life balance.
  • Mindfulness 101: Introductory session on mindfulness, teaching basic techniques for cultivating presence, reducing stress, and enhancing mental clarity.
  • Cultivating Resilience Session: Focused session on developing personal resilience, including coping mechanisms and strategies to adapt to challenges effectively.
  • Foods & Moods: Interactive session exploring the relationship between diet and emotional well-being, providing insights on mood-boosting foods.
  • Fitness Session: Engaging fitness session with exercises suitable for all levels, aimed at improving physical health and enhancing energy levels.
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Holistic Wellness Week

WORKBLISS Wellness Weeks - manager coaching employee


Create a unique experience for your colleagues – designed to fit your culture and values. Here are some ideas.

  • Deskercise Workshop: Workshop offering practical exercise routines that can be performed at the desk, focusing on reducing physical strain and boosting energy.
  • Art Jamming Session: Creative session for team engagement through art, fostering personal expression in a relaxed setting.
  • Team Cooking Session: Interactive cooking experience designed for teams, emphasizing creativity, and culinary skills in a fun environment.
  • Ergonomic Hacks For Working From Home: Session providing tips and strategies for creating an ergonomic home office setup, aimed at enhancing comfort and productivity.
  • Mindfulness For Managers Workshop: Workshop tailored for managers, focusing on mindfulness techniques to improve leadership skills, decision-making, and team dynamics.


Build a wellness week package that suits your budget and requirements. Customize an experience that matches your culture. This is a pricing guide for some starter packages. Reach out to us for a bespoke program.

Virtual Package

This package is a great way to keep remote employees healthy, and build a customized learning library.
from $4995
  • 4 (1hr) Live Virtual Presentations
    including 10-min Q&A
  • 1 Fitness Session (Virtual)
  • Record live sessions and upload to
    internal LMS/Employee Intranet
  • e-Flyers and Communication Materials

Hybrid Package

This package combines virtual and onsite experiences.
Customize according to requirements
from $9995
  • 7 (1hr) Live Presentations including
    10-min Q&A (Onsite/Virtual)
  • 2 Fitness Sessions (Onsite/Virtual)
  • 1 Full Day Massage Therapy (1 therapist)
  • Record live sessions and upload to
    internal LMS/Employee Intranet
  • e-Flyers and Communication Materials
  • Webinar Moderation

Nationwide/Global Package

This package allows for virtual and onsite experiences across multiple geographies. Customize according to requirements
from $24,995
  • 12 (1hr) Live Presentations including
    10-min Q&A (Onsite/Virtual)
  • 5 Fitness Sessions (Onsite/Virtual)
  • 2 Full Day Massage Therapy (2 therapists)
  • 2 x Pop-Up Smoothie Bars
    (150 smoothies p/session)
  • Record live sessions and upload to
    internal LMS/Employee Intranet
  • e-Flyers and Communication Materials
  • Webinar Moderation
  • Multilingual Options available