Accelerate Your Employee Wellness Journey

2022 Employee Wellness Programs

Choose a tailored wellness program. View our comprehensive selection of services, or try out one of our turnkey packages. 

Combine multiple pillars of wellbeing for a wider reach. Deliver sessions weekly/monthly throughout the year.

Nurture psychological safety with Webinars, Wellness Workshops, Management & Leadership Programs, and Mindfulness.

Create a program that blends fitness sessions with nutrition workshops, mindfulness, and stress prevention initiatives.

Turnkey/bespoke, multilingual programs from a regional context, or strategies for globally consistent messaging.

Programs that focus on BackCare, Ergonomics, Desk-Based Workouts, Webinars, Wellness Workshops, and Workplace Massage. 

A range of virtual and in-person initiatives to be used for social wellness, corporate retreats, and conference ice-breakers.

Build a culture of learning. Enhance productivity and improve skills with a collection of webinars and workshops

Schedule virtual or in-person fitness classes throughout the year – from Tai Chi, Deskercise and Pilates to Yoga and Zumba.