Wellbeing Programs

WORKBLIS provides a wide selection of services that can be used as elements of a holistic wellness strategy.
These are available globally, allowing you to easily build and manage multi-geographical, multi-lingual wellness programs.

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Bespoke Wellbeing Programs

Every organization has its unique set of challenges. Customization allows you to design programs that align with requirements.

Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics & Distribution, Retail, Financial Institutions, Consultancy Firms and Tech Companies all have company culture goals to meet, KPI metrics to improve, safety factors to consider, and health risks to mitigate – all at varying levels.

With our comprehensive selection of services and global reach, WORKBLIS enables you to create targeted programs delivered at your schedule, to combat prevalent health risks and boost key metrics within your organization. 

Bespoke Wellness Programs & Packages

Dimensions Of Employee Wellbeing

When designing your strategy, a more rounded approach helps to mitigate various health risks.

Various studies suggest 5-8 pillars of wellbeing.
WORKBLIS delivers solutions for wellness programs that incorporate multiple employee wellness indicators for a robust wellness strategy.