Virtual/Instructor-led training

Using Feedback
for Self-Reflection and Insight

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Feedback plays a crucial role in facilitating self-reflection and generating valuable insights for personal development. This session focuses on harnessing the power of feedback to promote self-awareness and growth in coaching interactions. Managers will learn techniques to help coachees explore their strengths, identify blind spots, and uncover growth areas through feedback.

By leveraging feedback effectively, managers can empower coachees to enhance self-reflection and gain valuable insights for their personal and professional development.

This session will delve into the benefits of a strengths-based coaching approach and provide managers with the tools and strategies to identify and maximize the strengths of their team members.

  • The Power of Feedback for Self-Reflection and Insight
    • Understanding the impact of feedback on self-awareness and personal development.
    • Exploring the benefits of using feedback to uncover strengths, blind spots, and growth areas.
  • Techniques for Facilitating Self-Reflection through Feedback
    • Asking powerful questions that encourage self-exploration.
    • Using feedback as a catalyst for self-assessment and self-awareness.
  • Uncovering Strengths and Recognizing Blind Spots
    • Guiding coachees in identifying their unique strengths and leveraging them.
    • Helping coachees recognize blind spots and areas for improvement through feedback.
  • Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment for Self-Reflection
    • Establishing trust and psychological safety for open self-reflection.
    • Encouraging coachees to embrace feedback as an opportunity for growth.

included in 90-min, Half Day & Full Day sessions

  • Strengths Exploration: Participants engage in exercises to help coachees uncover and reflect on their strengths based on feedback received.
  • Blind Spot Analysis: Participants practice guiding coachees in identifying blind spots through feedback and exploring strategies for improvement.
  • Self-Reflection Journaling: Participants reflect on their own experiences with self-reflection and insight generation, capturing key learnings and insights.

included in 3hr+7hr sessions.

  • Johari Window: A framework for understanding self-awareness and exploring blind spots through feedback.
  • Reflective Practice Model: A framework that guides individuals in reflecting on their experiences and learning from them.
  • Enhanced skills for utilizing feedback to facilitate self-reflection and insight.
  • Increased ability to guide coachees in uncovering strengths and recognizing blind spots through feedback.
  • Creation of a safe and supportive environment for self-reflection and personal development.
  • Empowerment of coachees to take ownership of their growth and development through self-reflection.
  • Strengthened coaching relationships through fostering self-awareness and insight.