Virtual/Instructor-led training

Know Your


In this presentation, we will be discussing E-numbers and the role they play in our food. E-numbers are codes for food additives that are used throughout the European Union. They are used to identify ingredients in food products and to ensure that they are safe for consumption. 

However, many people are unaware of what E-numbers are, what they do, and how they might affect our health. This presentation will provide an overview of the most common E-numbers, their uses, and potential health effects.

  • Gain insights into the significance of E-numbers and their presence in our food.
  • Learn how to identify E-numbers on food packaging and understand their implications.
  • Explore the safety and potential health impacts associated with E-numbers.
  • Discover strategies to reduce your consumption of potentially harmful E-numbers.
  • Uncover practical tips for locating and selecting foods with minimal E-number content.