Virtual/Instructor-led training

Succession Planning Communication:

Engaging Stakeholders for Success

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Communication plays a critical role in successful succession planning. In this workshop, participants will dive into the world of effective communication strategies to engage stakeholders and ensure seamless implementation of succession plans.

They will develop the essential communication skills needed to foster understanding, gain buy-in, and drive successful outcomes.

  • Communication in Succession Planning: Insights into why effective communication is essential for successful succession planning and how it influences stakeholder engagement.
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement: Techniques to analyze stakeholders and tailor communication strategies to engage and address their unique needs and concerns.
  • Effective Communication Channels: Methods to ensure clear and consistent messaging throughout the succession planning process.
  • Building Trust and Credibility: Facilitating stakeholder support and commitment to the succession planning initiatives.
  • Overcoming Resistance and Managing Change: Identify and address resistance to change, navigate potential challenges, and effectively manage stakeholders’ concerns during the implementation phase.

(included in 3hr/Half Day and 7hrs/Full Day sessions)

  1. Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Plan: Through interactive exercises, participants will identify key stakeholders, map their interests and influence, and develop tailored engagement plans to effectively involve them in the succession planning process.
  2. Message Development and Delivery Simulation: Attendees will engage in a virtual simulation where they will practice crafting and delivering effective succession planning messages to different stakeholder groups, honing their communication skills.
  3. Change Resistance Workshop: Participants will collaborate in a virtual workshop to identify common sources of resistance to succession planning and develop strategies to overcome resistance and build support within their organizations.

(included in Half-Day and Full Day sessions)

  • Stakeholder Engagement Framework: Participants will explore a comprehensive framework for identifying and engaging stakeholders in the succession planning process, ensuring their active participation and support.
  • Communication Planning Model: Attendees will learn a model for developing effective communication plans, including message creation, channel selection, and timing considerations.
  • Effective strategies for engaging stakeholders in the succession planning process, ensuring their active participation and support.
  • Skills to develop comprehensive communication plans and deliver tailored messages to different stakeholder groups.
  • Techniques to overcome resistance to change and build support for succession planning initiatives.
  • Actionable frameworks and exercises to guide stakeholder engagement and communication efforts.

Tailored live sessions designed to align with your organization’s culture and strategic efforts, providing a customized approach that complements your team’s existing knowledge.