Virtual/Instructor-led training

Strategic Alignment in Succession Planning:

Building a Future-Ready Talent Pipeline

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In this engaging workshop, participants will delve into the realm of strategic alignment in succession planning and learn how to build a future-ready talent pipeline.

With a focus on strategic workforce planning, attendees will gain insights into integrating succession planning seamlessly into their organization’s long-term goals and objectives.

  • Unlocking Synergy: Participants will discover how to align succession planning with their organization’s strategic objectives to maximize effectiveness and drive results.
  • Critical Role Identification: Attendees will learn the art of identifying critical roles and competencies necessary for future success, ensuring a strong leadership pipeline.
  • Building for the Future: Participants will gain practical knowledge on how to construct a talent pipeline that aligns with their organization’s strategic direction, preparing for upcoming leadership transitions.

included in 90-min, Half Day & Full Day sessions

  • Strategic Talent Mapping: Through interactive exercises, participants will learn how to map talent within their organization, identifying high-potential individuals and potential gaps in the talent pipeline.
  • Succession Planning Simulation: Attendees will engage in a virtual simulation where they will apply strategic alignment principles to develop succession plans for key positions, fostering critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills.
  • Talent Development Action Plan: Participants will create a personalized action plan to foster the development of high-potential individuals, ensuring a continuous pipeline of future leaders.

(included in Half-Day and Full Day sessions)

  • Strategic Workforce Planning Framework: Participants will explore a comprehensive framework for integrating succession planning into strategic workforce planning, ensuring a seamless alignment with organizational goals.
  • Critical Role Competency Model: Attendees will learn how to develop a competency model to identify the essential skills and qualifications required for critical roles.
  • Understanding the significance of aligning succession planning with strategic objectives
  • Strategies for integrating succession planning into strategic workforce planning processes
  • Ability to identify critical roles and competencies necessary for future success
  • Practical skills for building a talent pipeline aligned with organizational strategy
  • Actionable frameworks and exercises to guide strategic alignment in succession planning efforts

Tailored live sessions designed to align with your organization’s culture and strategic efforts, providing a customized approach that complements your team’s existing knowledge.