Virtual/Instructor-led training

Spring Wellbeing


Spring is the ideal season for enhancing your well-being. With sunnier days and extended daylight, it’s the perfect time to embrace outdoor activities, rejuvenate your body, and refresh your mind.

In this session, join us on a comprehensive journey that encompasses various aspects of renewal. We’ll revitalize your living spaces, rejuvenate your body, and refresh your mind, offering a holistic approach to revitalization.

  • Springtime tips to transform your living environment through effortless decluttering and organization.
  • Effective spring detox strategies to revitalize your overall well-being.
  • Stress management and mental wellness techniques to declutter your mind.
  • Ideas for invigorating spring fitness activities
  • Practical solutions for managing spring allergies and seeking relief from symptoms.
  • Guidance on setting and accomplishing goals during this season of renewal.

included in 90-min & Half Day sessions

  • Space Revitalization Plan: Participants will individually brainstorm and jot down ideas for decluttering and organizing their living spaces. They will share their thoughts in pairs, discussing practical tips to rejuvenate their environment.
  • Mind Decluttering Techniques: Participants will learn and practice mindfulness techniques aimed at decluttering the mind and promoting mental health.
  • Spring Goal Setting: Participants will engage in a goal-setting exercise, setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for renewal and achievement.