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Smoothie Bike Session


The Smoothie Bike session blends Fun, Fitness & Fresh Fruit. This is a unique and interactive way to promote physical activity and healthy eating in the workplace. By pedaling a stationary bike, participants can blend their own fresh fruit smoothies, making for a fun and tasty way to stay active and healthy.

It’s also a creative way to relieve stress. The combination of a physical exertion when blending, giggles with colleagues, and a healthy smoothie afterwards is a great mood elevator.

  • Energize your workplace with our exciting Smoothie Bikes sessions, combining the joy of blending fruit, fun, and fitness to promote employee wellness.
  • These engaging in-person sessions bring a unique wellness experience directly to your workplace, fostering health and team spirit.
  • Employees will have the opportunity to pedal and blend their own delicious and nutritious smoothies, making well-being both interactive and enjoyable.
  • Fitness and Fun: Pedal-powered smoothie bikes merge exercise with fun, allowing employees to get active while creating tasty and healthy smoothies.
  • Nutritional Boost: Encourage healthy eating habits as employees select their preferred ingredients for their smoothies, emphasizing the importance of nutrition.
  • Team Building: Promote team bonding and camaraderie as colleagues work together to pedal and blend, creating a sense of achievement and unity.
  • Customizable Smoothies: Provide a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and boosters for employees to customize their smoothie recipes, catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.
  • Wellness Workshops: Enhance the experience with wellness workshops on nutrition, healthy eating habits, and fitness tips, creating a comprehensive wellness event.
  • Event Themes: Tailor the session to match your workplace culture, from wellness challenges to friendly smoothie-making competitions.
  • On-Site: Host the Smoothie Bikes session right at your workplace, transforming a designated area into a wellness hub.
  • Outdoor Events: Take advantage of outdoor spaces for a refreshing and invigorating wellness experience.
  • Half-Day: Reserve a half-day session for a focused wellness experience, ideal for a refreshing break during work hours.
  • Full-Day: Opt for a full-day booking to provide extended opportunities for relaxation and well-being.
  • Recurring Sessions: Enhance employee wellness by scheduling regular Smoothie Bikes sessions, ensuring a consistent focus on health and team bonding. Pedal and blend your way to a more energized and health-conscious workplace with our Smoothie Bikes, where well-being meets fun and teamwork.”
  1. Promote Wellness: Choose the Smoothie Bikes in the Workplace session to promote employee well-being, fitness, and healthy eating habits.
  2. Customize Ingredients: Provide a selection of fresh ingredients and boosters to allow employees to create their own customized smoothies.
  3. Wellness Workshops (Optional): Enhance the session with informative wellness workshops on nutrition and fitness.
  4. Pedal and Blend: Enjoy the interactive experience of pedaling and blending delicious and nutritious smoothies.
  5. Boost Workplace Wellness: Inspire your team to prioritize their health and fitness, making well-being an integral part of your workplace culture.