Virtual/Instructor-led training

Sleep Health for Working Parents


Sleep plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. For working parents, however, finding the time and energy to prioritize sleep can be a real challenge. This often leads to fatigue, increased stress, and difficulties in both personal and professional life.

In this session, we’ll address the common sleep issues that working parents face and provide practical strategies for improving sleep habits. Attendees will also learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety, making it easier to find quality sleep within their busy schedules.

  • Understanding sleep’s pivotal contribution to well-being and efficiency.
  • Investigating common sleep challenges faced by parents who work.
  • Nurturing better sleep habits through practices like bedtime routines, cozy sleep settings, and screen time reduction.
  • Strategizing to manage stress and anxiety, which can impact sleep quality.
  • Incorporating techniques to prioritize sleep within busy schedules.
  • Unveiling the benefits of napping and methods to integrate it into a bustling routine

included in 90-min & Half Day sessions

  • Parental Sleep Challenges Sharing: Participants share personal experiences and insights, allowing them to empathize with the unique struggles parents encounter.
  • Time Management for Sleep Prioritization: Participants will share their time management strategies for balancing busy schedules while prioritizing sleep. They will discuss techniques they’ve found effective and learn from others’ approaches.
  • Napping Benefits and Strategies Discussion: Participants exchange ideas and techniques for integrating short naps without disrupting daily routines.