Virtual/Instructor-led training

Reducing Stigma:

Challenging Mental Health Stereotypes & Promoting Help-Seeking


Mental health issues are common, yet many people still face stigma and discrimination when seeking help or discussing their experiences. This stigma can lead to feelings of shame, isolation, and discouragement, and can prevent individuals from accessing the support and resources they need.

In this presentation, we will explore the impacts of mental health stigma and discuss strategies for reducing stigma and promoting help-seeking.

  • Understanding mental health stigma and its effects
  • The impact of stigma on individuals seeking help and on society as a whole
  • Strategies for challenging mental health stereotypes and reducing stigma
  • Promoting help-seeking behaviors through education and awareness
  • Providing resources and support for employees who may be struggling with mental health issues

included in 90-min, Half Day & Full Day sessions

  • Reflection exercises for identifying personal biases and stereotypes around mental health
  • Group discussions on ways to challenge mental health stigma in the workplace and in the wider community
  • Resource sharing and exploration of mental health support and services available to employees

By the end of this session, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of the impact of mental health stigma and strategies for reducing stigma and promoting help-seeking.