Paying Off Debt:
Tips and Techniques to Get Out of the Red


  • Presentation Length: 60-mins (includes 10-min Q&A)
  • Participant Numbers: 30-500+
  • Virtual and In-person options available
  • Sessions can be recorded for internal use


Paying off debt is a critical component of achieving financial freedom and stability. From credit card debt to student loans to mortgages, debt can be a major financial burden that limits options and affects the overall quality of life. However, with careful planning and execution, it’s possible to get out of debt and achieve financial success.

In this session, participants will learn about practical techniques for paying off debt, such as prioritizing high-interest debt, making extra payments, and negotiating with creditors. They will also learn about strategies for avoiding common pitfalls and staying motivated during the debt repayment process.

Content Outline

  • Understanding your debt: types, interest rates, and repayment terms
  • Prioritizing your debt for maximum impact
  • Debt consolidation options and pros/cons
  • Negotiating with creditors and using hardship programs
  • Implementing a budget plan to increase debt repayment


By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their debt and achieve financial freedom. They will have the confidence to make informed decisions about their finances and the ability to plan for their financial future.

Disclaimer: We provide these sessions for educational purposes only. The information provided should not be construed as professional, financial, real-estate, tax, or instructional advice.