Musculoskeletal Health

Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the leading causes of absenteeism. A targeted health strategy can help reduce its burden on workforce performance and productivity.
See how WORKBLIS can support your wellness strategy.

An effective musculoskeletal health strategy considers the working environment and embeds solutions that help mitigate risk factors. WORKBLIS offers a range of musculoskeletal health initiatives – from Deskercise sessions for office workers to onsite stretching/mobility sessions for warehouse/factory/construction employees.
View our turnkey packages below, or contact us for customized programs.

Turnkey Solutions

Starter Package

One wellness session per month
  • 12 x Wellness Sessions

Standard Package

Two wellness session per month
  • 24 x Wellness Sessions
  • Recording & Slide Deck
  • Zoom/Webex/MSTeams Hosting
  • Data Analytics - Engagement Tracking

Super Wellness Package

Options available for comprehensive domestic and global comprehensive wellness programs.
  • All Standard package features
  • 24-100+ Wellness Sessions
  • Weekly / Monthly Fitness Classes
    delivered globally
    (Onsite & Virtual Options)
  • Workplace Ergonomic Risk Assessments
    & Solutions Consulting
  • 1-1 Ergonomic Support for
    Remote Employees
  • Health Content for wellness portals - Newsletters/Blogs/Podcasts
  • Communications &
    Internal Marketing Support
  • Fitness Trackers