Virtual/Instructor-led training

Musculoskeletal Health in the Workplace


In this presentation, we explore the fundamentals of musculoskeletal wellness and its tangible implications in the real world. We look at workplace factors that contribute to musculoskeletal concerns, including repetitive tasks, awkward postures, and heavy lifting. We also share strategies designed to enhance musculoskeletal health, ranging from ergonomic practices to strength and flexibility exercises.

  • Identify and address workplace elements such as repetitive tasks, awkward postures, and heavy lifting that can contribute to musculoskeletal concerns.
  • Explore a range of strategies to promote musculoskeletal wellness, including ergonomic practices and strength and flexibility exercises.
  • Engage in interactive exercises that allow participants to assess their work routines, identify areas for improvement, and develop personalized plans for enhancing musculoskeletal health.

included in 90-min & Half Day sessions

  • Flexibility and Strength Exercises Practice: Participants will engage in a series of exercises focused on flexibility and strength, designed to improve musculoskeletal health. The instructor will ensure proper form and technique.
  • Musculoskeletal Wellness Self-Assessment: Using a provided self-assessment checklist, participants will evaluate their current work practices and workspace setup. They will identify areas for improvement and consider potential adjustments.
  • Customized Musculoskeletal Improvement Plan: Based on the self-assessment results, participants will draft a customized plan for improving their musculoskeletal well-being. They will prioritize specific changes and set realistic goals for implementation.