Mindfulness for Managers


As a manager, it is important to have the skills and tools to effectively lead and manage your team, while also maintaining your own well-being and resilience. This workshop is designed to provide managers with the skills and tools to effectively incorporate mindfulness strategies into their daily lives and leadership practices. 

Topics to be covered

  • Breathing Space Practice: Managers will experience a concise breathing space exercise, designed to bring their attention to the present moment. This practice aids in developing skillful responses to various situations, fostering greater self-awareness and emotional regulation. 
  • Listening Meditation: Through interactive exercises, managers will cultivate active listening skills by engaging in mindful listening paired with genuine presence. This skill is essential for empathetic and effective leadership. 
  • Mindful Decision-Making: Participants will learn a structured mindfulness approach to decisionmaking. By observing their thoughts, emotions, and sensations, managers can make more insightful choices that align with their goals and values. 
  • Mindful Communication Role Play: Engaging in role-play scenarios, managers will practice mindful communication techniques. This exercise emphasizes attentive, non-judgmental listening and clear expression, fostering a culture of open and meaningful dialogue. 
  • Stress-Response Awareness: Managers will explore the interconnectedness of stress triggers and bodily responses. 
  • Gratitude and Recognition Practice: Managers will learn to nurture a positive team culture by expressing gratitude and recognition. 
  • Mindful Delegation Exercise: Addressing delegation challenges, managers will practice mindful delegation. They’ll assess tasks to delegate while being mindful of internal reactions and considerations. 
  • Conflict Resolution Mindfulness: Through guided mindfulness, managers will navigate conflict scenarios. This exercise focuses on observing reactions with compassion, fostering skillful conflict resolution. 
  • Reflective Leadership Journal: Participants will be encouraged to maintain a reflective journal on their leadership journey. Guided prompts will facilitate exploration of leadership styles, growth opportunities, and self-awareness.