Mindfulness Matters:
Meditation Bundle


  • Session Length: 60-mins
  • Participant Numbers: 15-500+
  • Virtual and In-person options available
  • Sessions can be recorded for internal use
  • Onsite training available globally: North & South America, EMEIA, APAC, LATAM
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese, and Malay.


As workplace stress continues to rise, companies are prioritizing employee wellbeing more than ever before. This comprehensive meditation bundle is perfect for companies looking to integrate a regular meditation offering within their organization.

With virtual or onsite classes, mindfulness training for all employees, and mindfulness training for managers, our bundle is designed to help your team reduce stress, increase productivity, and promote a happier, healthier work environment.

Let us help you create a more mindful and engaged workforce today!

Service Outline

Our meditation bundle includes the following features:

  • 12 Meditation Classes: Our meditation instructors lead virtual or onsite classes that cater to all levels of experience. Each session is designed to help your employees reduce stress, increase focus, and promote mental wellbeing.
  • 1 x (1hr) Mindfulness Training (for employees): Our mindfulness experts provide practical techniques and advice on how to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life. This training will benefit all employees and help to promote a more mindful and engaged workplace.
  • 1 x (1hr) Mindfulness For Managers Training: Our mindfulness training for managers is designed to help team leaders integrate mindfulness practices into their leadership style. This training will help managers build more meaningful connections with their team, reduce stress, and promote a more productive and positive work environment.

Next Steps

Our meditation bundle is fully customizable to meet your company’s unique needs and goals.

Whether you’re looking to improve employee morale, reduce stress, or promote a more mindful work culture, our comprehensive bundle has something for everyone.

Let us help you create a happier, healthier, and more engaged workforce today!

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