Virtual/Instructor-led training

Managing Digital Distractions for Productivity & Mental Health


Digital distractions have become a pervasive challenge in the workplace, resulting in decreased productivity and increased stress and burnout among employees. With the constant bombardment of emails, notifications, and social media updates, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused and engaged at work.

In this presentation, we will explore the impact of digital distractions on productivity and mental health and provide strategies for managing them effectively.

Identifying Common Sources of Digital Distractions
  • Recognizing the various sources of digital distractions in the modern workplace.
  • Examining the consequences of unchecked distractions on productivity and mental health.
Setting Boundaries with Technology
  • Establishing healthy boundaries between work and personal technology use.
  • Learning to disconnect without guilt and reduce constant connectivity.
Digital Detox Strategies
  • Exploring the concept of digital detox and its benefits for mental health.
  • Practical steps for taking intentional breaks from technology.
Digital Wellbeing and Self-Assessment
  • Assessing individual digital wellbeing and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Establishing personal digital wellbeing goals.

included in 90-min & Half Day sessions

  1. Digital Distraction Self-Assessment
    • Participants assess their current level of susceptibility to digital distractions. They identify specific distractions that affect their work performance.
  2. Creating Personalized Boundaries
    • Participants develop a set of personal boundaries for managing digital distractions. They outline when and how they will engage with technology during work hours.
  3. Creating a Digital Distraction-Free Work Environment
    • Participants brainstorm ideas for fostering a distraction-free workplace culture. They discuss strategies to collectively reduce digital distractions in their team or organization.