Manager's Impact on Employee Wellbeing


As a manager, the way you lead and interact with your team can have a significant impact on their wellbeing. 

In this workshop, managers will learn about effective practices for supporting employee mental health and promoting a positive work environment.

Topics to be covered

  • The role of line managers in promoting positive mental health 
  • Effective management practices for supporting employee wellbeing 
  • Ways managers can support employees’ mental health, including promoting a healthy work-life balance and creating a supportive work culture 
  • A toolkit for managers to support their managerial development and promote positive mental health in their teams 
  • Practical exercises to put the learning into practice


  • Resources for promoting a positive work culture and supporting employee mental health 
  • Tips for managing workload and promoting a healthy work-life balance 
  • Information on common mental health issues and how to support employees experiencing them
  • Tools for identifying and addressing potential mental health issues in the team

Practical Exercises

included in 90-min, 3hr and 7hr sessions.

  1. Reflecting on current management practices and identifying any areas for improvement in supporting employee mental health 
  2. Setting goals for promoting a positive work culture and supporting employee wellbeing 
  3. Implementing changes based on the information learned in the workshop and track progress over time