Virtual/Instructor-led training

Manager's Impact on Employee Wellbeing


In this workshop, managers will learn about effective practices for supporting employee mental health and promoting a positive work environment.

The Manager’s Role in Mental Health
  • Understanding the Manager’s Influence on Employee Wellbeing: Recognizing the Crucial Connection & Identifying Factors Affecting Employee Wellbeing
  • Nurturing a Healthy Work Environment: Creating a Positive Workplace Culture & Promoting Open Communication
Effective Wellbeing Management Practices
  • Managerial Strategies for Supporting Employee Wellbeing: Encouraging Work-Life Balance & Fostering Stress Resilience
  • Cultivating a Supportive Work Culture: Building Trust and Team Cohesion & Recognizing and Addressing Employee Needs
Equipping Managers for Success
  • Managerial Development Toolkit: Enhancing Leadership Skills & Developing Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  • Fostering Team Wellbeing: Facilitating Wellbeing Discussions & Team-Building for Wellbeing
Assessing Managerial Influence on Employee Wellbeing
  • Participants take a self-assessment survey to gauge their understanding of managerial influence on wellbeing. They reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement in supporting employee wellbeing.
Creating a Wellbeing Support Plan
  • Participants create a personalized wellbeing support plan, outlining specific actions they can take as managers.
Problem-Solving for Wellbeing Challenges
  • Participants analyze real-world case studies involving wellbeing challenges. They work in groups to identify root causes, propose solutions, and share their findings with the larger group.