Keep Fit Package

Physical activity matters in the workplace. Prolonged sedentary behavior is a well-known health risk factor for several preventable diseases. Workplace initiatives can start from as little as a monthly fitness session to a regular weekly schedule.
View how WORKBLIS can support your organization’s physical activity program.

We offer a wide selection of virtual,  in-person, and pre-recorded workouts including Tai Chi, Yoga, Zumba, Boxercise, and HIIT. 
WORKBLIS also offers bespoke Physiotherapy-led exercise programs for specific ergonomic settings to mitigate workplace related musculoskeletal health disorders.
View our turnkey packages below, or contact us for customized programs.

Turnkey Solutions

Starter Package

  • 12 x Fitness Sessions

Standard Package

  • 24 x Wellness Sessions
  • Recording & Slide Deck
  • Zoom/Webex/MSTeams Hosting
  • Data Analytics - Engagement Tracking

Super Wellness Package

Options available for comprehensive
domestic and global comprehensive wellness programs.
  • All Standard package features
  • 24-100+ Wellness Sessions
  • Pre-recorded classes
  • Physiotherapy-led exercise programs for Musculokeletal Health
  • Fitness-led lifestyle intervention programs
  • Communications &
    Internal Marketing Support
  • Fitness Trackers