Investing in the Emotional Bank Account


Building and maintaining strong relationships is crucial for both personal and professional success. The concept of an emotional bank account, popularized by Stephen Covey in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” can be a useful tool for investing in and strengthening relationships. 

This workshop will provide employees with the knowledge and skills needed to build trust and invest in relationships through the lens of the emotional bank account. 

Topics to be covered

  • The concept of an emotional bank account and its importance in relationships 
  • Strategies for building trust and investing in relationships, as outlined by Stephen Covey 
  • The differences between making deposits and withdrawals in the emotional bank account 
  • How the concept of an emotional bank account can be implemented in the workplace 
  • Practical exercises to put the learning into practice

Practical Exercises

included in 90-min, 3hr and 7hr sessions.

  1. Identify key relationships in the workplace and brainstorm ways to make deposits in those relationships 
  2. Practice active listening and seeking to understand others’ perspectives 
  3. Reflect on past actions and identify any withdrawals that may have been made in key relationships, and consider ways to make amends and rebuild trust