In-Person Wellness Sessions

Boost employee engagement with in-person sessions – designed to increase team connectivity and enhance workplace culture.

Deliver sessions onsite, or as a team offsite.

Pop Up Smoothie Bar

Book a Pop-Up Smoothie Bar to create memorable experiences for employees. Use for wellness weeks, open enrolment season to capture engagement, employee appreciation initiatives and much more. Vegan and Gluten Free Options available.

WORKBLISS Employee wellness
WORKBLISS Employee wellness

Onsite Massage

Have a therapist onsite to relive stress and ease joint and muscle pain. This can be monthly or as often as you’d like. Also great for wellness weeks. Book 10, 15, or 20-min sessions for employees. 

Healthy Cooking Classes

A great way to combine nutrition education with team building and social wellness experiences. Up to 30 participants per session, and can be customized to a format that works with your space. 

Sessions can be live streamed and recorded so that remote colleagues can join in the fun.

WORKBLISS Employee wellness
WORKBLISS Employee wellness

Team Building &
Social Wellbeing

From Art Jamming to Drumming Sessions, Creative Writing to Group Juggling Workshops and Ukulele Sessions.

A wide selection of in-person experiences are available to boost engagement and create a happier work culture.

Onsite Fitness Sessions

From Weekly/Fortnightly Yoga and Pilates, Running Coach, Tai Chi, Team Fitness Bootcamps, Pre-Shift stretching sessions and more.

Our instructors provide a wide range of fitness sessions to combat sedentary behaviors and to keep employees fit and active.

Check out our full collection of fitness sessions to enhance your employee wellness programs.

WORKBLISS Employee wellness
WORKBLISS Employee wellness

Wellbeing Presentations

All wellness presentations can be delivered onsite. From Meal Prepping & Planning sessions to Time Management training and much more.

View our services page to see what’s on offer.