Virtual/Instructor-led training

Hula Hooping Fitness Classes


Our hula hooping fitness classes are an invigorating blend of fun and fitness, designed to boost energy levels, enhance overall health, and foster team cohesion. Regardless of employees’ current fitness levels, these sessions offer an accessible and enjoyable way to get fit while experiencing the sheer delight of hula hooping.

Our experienced instructor will bring in the hoops and guide your employees through a series of exercises and routines that combine the joy of hula hooping with the benefits of a full-body workout.


A typical class includes:

  • Gentle stretching and mobility exercises to prepare the body for movement.
  • Breathing exercises to focus and relax the mind.
  • Engaging cardio exercises that incorporate hula hooping to elevate heart rates.
  • Core-focused movements to strengthen abdominal muscles.
  • Fun and interactive group challenges that encourage collaboration and competition.
  • Gentle stretching and relaxation exercises to cool down the body

Book live sessions so that your team can stay healthy together.

  • Weekly Classes: Regular sessions to ensure consistent physical and mental well-being for your employees.
  • Fortnightly Classes: Bi-weekly sessions for a more flexible approach to fit your team’s schedule.
  • Monthly Classes: Sessions held once a month for employees with busy schedules.
  • Ad-hoc Booking: For ultimate flexibility, book live sessions on demand, ensuring employees receive the support they need when they need it.
  • One off Session: Something Fun for a one time experience
  • Block of 10 Sessions: A compact package for teams looking to get started with our program.
  • Block of 16 Sessions Spread Across the Year / Multiple locations: This package provides a structured approach to health and fitness, offering employees a year-round commitment to their well-being.
  • Block of 24 Sessions: A package designed for teams seeking a more comprehensive fitness experience.
  • Block of 50 Sessions: Ideal for organizations committed to prioritizing the long-term health and productivity of their workforce.

Ready to explore how our custom content can enhance the well-being of your employees? Contact us to discuss your organization’s unique needs and create a customized fitness program that supports their health and productivity.

Physical Health Disclaimer:

Participants should consult a physician before starting any fitness program, especially if they have any pre-existing medical conditions. Physical activity, including virtual and onsite fitness classes, carries an inherent risk of injury.