Virtual/Instructor-led training

Heart Health and Hectic Schedules


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for anyone, but for those with busy and hectic schedules, it can be especially difficult. Despite these challenges, it is still important to prioritize heart health and make time for self-care.

In this session, we will explore strategies for maintaining heart health in the face of busy schedules, including the importance of a healthy diet, physical activity, and stress management.

  • Learn how to prioritize heart health even with a hectic schedule.
  • Discover practical tips for maintaining a heart-healthy diet on the go.
  • Explore efficient ways to incorporate physical activity into a busy daily routine.
  • Strategies for managing stress and its impact on heart health.
  • Practical self-care practices that promote heart health and overall well-being.

included in 90-min sessions

  • Deep Breathing Exercise:
    • Participants will engage in a guided deep breathing routine to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  • Self-Care Journaling:
    • Participants will actively participate in guided journaling exercises for self-reflection and self-care planning.
  • Healthy Meal Prep Demonstration:
    • Participants will observe a practical demonstration and receive tips on how to plan and prepare heart-healthy meals for their busy schedules.