Global Wellness Programs

Deliver globally consistent
wellness messaging

WORKBLIS provides support for global wellness strategies. Create an inclusive strategy by delivering multilingual webinars, workshops, colleague wellness champion training, L&D sessions, and health content for your wellness portal – blogs, meal plans, podcasts. Languages include Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Malay, German, French, Russian, and Japanese. View our turnkey packages below, or contact us for customized programs.

Turnkey Solutions

Starter Package

One wellness session per month
for 2 global regions
  • 24 x Wellness Sessions

Standard Package

Two wellness sessions per month
for 4 global regions
  • 96 x Wellness Sessions
  • Recording & Slide Deck
  • Zoom/Webex/MSTeams Hosting
  • Data Analytics - Engagement Tracking

Super Wellness Package

Comprehensive support for
domestic and global programs
  • All Standard package features
  • 100+ Wellness Sessions
  • Weekly / Monthly Fitness Classes
    delivered globally
    (Multilingual Onsite & Virtual Options)
  • Weekly / Monthly Mindfulness Classes
    delivered globally
    (Multilingual Onsite & Virtual Options)
  • Global Employee Assistance Programs
  • Health Content for wellness portals - Newsletters/Blogs/Podcasts/Meal Plans
  • Communications &
    Internal Marketing Support
  • Ergonomics Consulting -
    APAC, EMEA, The Americas
  • Workplace Nutrition Consulting -
    APAC, EMEA, The Americas
  • Stress & Wellbeing Assessments / Resilience Testing / Energy Audits /
    Change Readiness Audits
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Global Fruit Box Delivery