Elevate Workplace Wellness with our Comprehensive Services

A wide range of virtual and in person wellness sessions; assessments, audits and strategy-building to boost the effectiveness of your wellness programs.

Onsite & Virtual Wellness Sessions

Our services encompass multiple well-being pillars and are available in both in-person (onsite) and virtual formats. From Mental Health to Nutrition, Back Care to Financial Wellbeing, Fitness Sessions, Sleep Health to Heart Health and so much more. 

Custom Digital Solutions

Elevate your wellness programs with our comprehensive digital content strategy and custom solutions. Whether you’re running an internal wellness campaign or need content for your intranet, infographics, wellness podcasts, informative tip sheets, and more, we specialize in tailoring engaging, impactful digital assets to fuel your organization’s well-being initiatives.

In-Person Experiences

Treat Your Employees with in-person favorites such as Chair Massage, Pop-Up Smoothie Bars, Healthy Cooking Classes, Fitness Sessions. Use these sessions to level-up the ‘days in the office’ experience.

Global Wellness Programs

A centralized solution for implementing and scaling global wellness programs. Deliver virtual and onsite sessions for employees across several geographies and in multiple languages.

Learn how WORKBLIS can support your global wellness strategy.

Skills Training Sessions

We offer a diverse range of skills training sessions designed to empower your workforce with essential competencies and knowledge. Our comprehensive training programs cover a wide spectrum of topics, ensuring that your employees gain the skills needed to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to your organization’s success.

Leadership Training Programs

We provide a comprehensive array of leadership training programs aimed at developing and enhancing leadership skills within your organization. Our training sessions equip your leaders with the essential tools, strategies, and insights to lead effectively, drive innovation, and inspire their teams toward success.

Team Offsites & Corporate Retreats

Curated team offsites and corporate retreats – designed to meet your unique objectives, whether it’s enhancing communication, developing leadership skills, or simply rejuvenating your team’s spirit.

Health & Wellbeing Assessments

Our assessments go beyond surface-level evaluations. We delve deep into the heart of your organization’s wellness landscape. Through surveys, data analysis, and employee feedback, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your current wellness status. This data serves as the foundation for informed decision-making.

Occupational Health & Safety

Our Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) services are designed to shield your employees from harm, boost productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance. Explore our comprehensive suite of OHS solutions, tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.