Emergency Response and First Aid for Heat-Related Illnesses


  • Presentation Length: 90-mins; 3hrs – Half Day; 7hrs – Full day.
  • Participant Numbers: 15-500+
  • Delivery methods: ILT, VILT, Webinars, Blended Learning
  • Onsite training available globally: North & South America, EMEIA, APAC, LATAM
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese, and Malay.


In this session, participants will receive essential training on recognizing and responding to heat-related emergencies. The session aims to equip attendees with first aid measures for heat exhaustion and heatstroke, empowering them to take immediate action in critical situations. 

Content Outline

  • Recognizing and Responding to Heat-Related Emergencies:
    • Signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke.
    • How to assess the severity of a heat-related emergency.
  • First Aid Measures for Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke:
    • First aid measures for immediate relief from heat exhaustion
    • Steps to assist a person experiencing heatstroke.
    • Cooling techniques and providing comfort to the affected individual.
  • Encouraging Immediate Action and Contacting Emergency Services:
    • Emphasizing the urgency of taking swift action in heat-related emergencies.
    • Instilling a sense of responsibility and preparedness to support colleagues in critical situations.


By the end of this session, employees will have received crucial training in recognizing, responding to, and providing first aid for heat-related emergencies.  This session fosters a proactive approach to emergency response, enhancing the safety and well-being of all employees during hot weather conditions.