Virtual/Instructor-led training

Digital Detox:

Taking Time Away from Technology


The rise of technology has transformed the way we live and work, providing us with access to a wealth of information, communication, and entertainment. However, this constant connectivity can also have negative effects on our mental and physical wellbeing.

In this presentation, we will explore the benefits of taking a break from technology, provide strategies for incorporating digital detox into our lives and prioritize employee wellbeing.

  • Discover technology’s impact, from shaping our lives to affecting health and wellbeing, and identify negative tech habits through awareness.
  • Explore the benefits of digital detox, including improved mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing through reduced stress, anxiety, burnout, and enhanced overall health.
  • Discover strategies for mini digital detoxes, including the effectiveness of short breaks, practical ways to incorporate detox into daily life, and strategies for creating tech-free zones and times.
  • Discover strategies for navigating social and workplace pressures, including fostering real-world relationships, setting digital boundaries at work, and staying committed to detox despite social and peer pressure.
  • Explore developing healthy tech habits, including sustainable practices, mindful technology use, and prioritizing wellbeing in a digitally connected world.

included in 90-min & Half Day sessions

  1. Digital Habits Self-Assessment:
    • Participants assess their current technology habits and behaviors. They identify areas for improvement and discuss common challenges.
  2. Mini Digital Detox Planning:
    • Participants plan and schedule mini digital detoxes in their daily routines. They share their strategies and discuss potential barriers.
  3. Tech-Free Zone Creation:
    • Participants designate tech-free zones in their living and working spaces.