Virtual/Instructor-led training

Developing Authenticity At Work


Authenticity is a crucial factor in building trust, nurturing relationships, and achieving success at work. It involves staying true to oneself, honestly expressing thoughts and feelings, and staying aligned with personal values and beliefs. However, in the workplace, people often feel pressured to conform and hide their true selves, which can lead to stress and disengagement.

In this presentation, participants will learn practical strategies to foster authenticity in the workplace.

  • The Essence of Authenticity: Grasping Its Significance and Advantages in Professional Environments
  • Values Alignment: Identifying Personal Values and Incorporating Them into the Work Context
  • Self-Awareness at Work: Understanding and Nurturing Your Thoughts and Emotions on the Job
  • Building Trust and Effective Communication: The Role of Openness and Honesty in Colleague Relationships
  • Embracing Vulnerability: Cultivating Genuine Expression and Sharing with Peers
  • Saying No with Authenticity and Respect: Honoring Your Boundaries Professionally
  • Self-Care for Well-Being: Prioritizing Mental and Emotional Health in the Workplace
included in 90-min, Half Day & Full Day sessions

  • Values Alignment Exercise: Participants engage in a guided activity to identify their core personal values. They then discuss how these values align or misalign with their current workplace or professional context. This exercise encourages self-awareness and helps participants explore the importance of values alignment in their professional lives.
  • Authentic Communication Role-Play: Participants pair up and engage in role-play scenarios where they practice authentic communication, including expressing their thoughts, emotions, and feedback honestly. They receive constructive feedback from their partners to refine their communication skills.
  • Boundary-Setting Workshop: Participants work through a series of exercises designed to help them establish and communicate professional boundaries effectively. They learn how to say “no” with respect and authenticity when needed, fostering healthier work-life integration.

(included in Half Day sessions)

  • The Values in Action (VIA) Framework: Participants will learn about the VIA framework and how it can be used to identify personal values and align them with work.
  • The Johari Window: Participants will learn about the Johari Window and how it can be used to increase self-awareness and develop authenticity.
  • The RULER Framework: Participants will learn about the RULER framework and how it can be used to develop emotional intelligence and authenticity.