Customized Pricing Plans

Explore our flexible corporate wellness pricing solutions, crafted to meet the specific needs of your organization.

A La Carte Freedom

Tailor your corporate wellness program to your exact needs with our A La Carte pricing. Handpick individual wellness services to create a customized program that precisely aligns with your company’s requirements. With this flexible model, you pay only for the services you select, ensuring ultimate control over your budget.

Elevate your corporate wellness initiatives with our Comprehensive Packages. These meticulously curated bundles bring together a diverse range of wellness services and programs, maximizing the value you receive. Experience a holistic approach to employee wellbeing while simplifying program management and optimizing your financial resources.

Comprehensive Corporate Packages

Corporate Wellness Subscriptions

Commit to the long-term health and vitality of your workforce with our Corporate Wellness Subscription model. This option grants continuous access to a comprehensive suite of wellness services, all bundled under one predictable monthly payment. It’s the ideal choice for companies seeking ongoing wellness support with budget predictability.