Virtual/Instructor-led training

Creating A Healthy Daily Routine


In this presentation, participants will learn the benefits of a healthy daily routine, and how to create one that works for their lifestyle. Participants will also be given practical tips and strategies for implementing and maintaining a healthy daily routine.

  • Explore daily exercise benefits, diverse forms, and practical guidance.
  • Explore nutrition’s daily role, adopt healthy habits, and simplify meal planning.
  • Discover the value of sleep, address common challenges, and build a routine for better sleep.
  • Coping with Daily Stress: Effective Strategies for Emotional Resilience
  • Turn knowledge into action with concrete steps, valuable advice, and goal setting for a nourishing daily routine.

included in 90-min workshops and in-person sessions

  • Reflective exercise: Participants take a few minutes to reflect on their current daily routine and identify any areas that could be improved or incorporated to promote health and well-being.
  • Stress Identification and Coping Techniques:
    • Participants identify common stressors in their daily lives. They practice stress management techniques and discuss their effectiveness.
  • Daily routine planning: Using the information and strategies learned in the session, participants create a daily routine that includes activities that promote health and well-being and support their personal and professional goals.