Virtual/Instructor-led training

Building and Maintaining Professional Relationships


Cultivating and sustaining professional relationships is a fundamental element of achieving success in any career. In this comprehensive skills training program, both employees and managers will acquire the expertise to not only establish but also nurture professional relationships. This development will serve to elevate their professional reputation and contribute to their overall success.

  • Understanding How Positive Relationships Contribute to Career Success.
  • Characteristics of Effective Professional Relationships: Trust, Respect, and Communication.
  • Techniques for Initiating and Building New Professional Connections.
  • The Art of Networking: Building a Diverse and Supportive Network.
  • Leveraging Social Media and Online Platforms for Professional Relationship Building.
  • Strategies for Nurturing Existing Relationships and Sustaining Connections.
  • Effective Communication and Active Listening as Key Relationship-Building Tools.
  • Strategies for Showcasing Expertise and Demonstrating Value Within the Workplace.
  • Professional Relationship Mapping: Participants create relationship maps or diagrams to visually represent their current professional connections. They identify the strength of each connection, the nature of the relationship, and opportunities for further engagement. This exercise helps participants assess and plan for maintaining existing relationships.
  • Effective Communication and Active Listening Workshop: Participants practice techniques to enhance their communication abilities, such as asking open-ended questions, providing empathetic responses, and maintaining eye contact, all of which are essential for building and maintaining professional relationships.
  • Strengths-Based Partnership Building: Participants conduct a strengths-based assessment of their skills and expertise. They identify complementary strengths and explore opportunities for collaboration or mentorship. This exercise encourages participants to build professional relationships based on leveraging each other’s strengths.
(included in Half-Day and Full Day sessions)
  • Dunbar’s Number: Dunbar’s Number is a psychological framework that suggests humans can maintain a limited number of meaningful social relationships (usually around 150). It highlights the importance of prioritizing and nurturing valuable relationships for effective relationship building and maintenance.
  • The Relationship Life Cycle: This framework outlines the stages of a professional relationship, including initiation, growth, maintenance, and sometimes dissolution. It provides a structured approach to understanding how relationships evolve over time and the actions required at each stage.
  • The Johari Window Model: The Johari Window is a framework that helps individuals understand their self-awareness and how they interact with others. It consists of four quadrants: open, blind, hidden, and unknown. It encourages self-disclosure and mutual feedback, enhancing self-awareness and improving interpersonal relationships.