Virtual/Instructor-led training

Kicking The Sugar Habit


Consuming too much sugar can have negative impacts on overall health and well-being. 

In this presentation, we will explore the science behind sugar addiction, the negative effects that excessive sugar intake can have on our health and well-being, and strategies for reducing and breaking addiction. 

We will also look at the ways to identify hidden sugars in foods, tips for making healthier food choices, and how to overcome cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

  • Unlocking Sugar’s Impact on Your Health: Grasp the role of sugar in the body and the perils of excessive consumption.
  • Spotting Hidden Sources of Sugar: Learn where sugar hides in your diet.
  • Discover practical methods for lowering your sugar consumption, including label reading and opting for low-sugar choices.
  • Find out how to easily include low-sugar alternatives in your daily meals.
  • Reaping the Rewards of Reducing Sugar: Explore the numerous benefits of cutting back on sugar for improved health and well-being.