Virtual/Instructor-led training

Brain Boosters:

The Power of Social Ties for Cognitive Health


This session is designed to help employees understand the role of social connections in maintaining brain health and how to optimize their social connections for optimal cognitive function.

Participants will have an understanding of the latest scientific research on the science of social connection and its role in maintaining overall well-being.

Exploring Social Connections and Brain Health:
  • Delve into the intricate relationship between social connection and brain health, uncovering how it promotes neuroplasticity, regulates stress, and enhances cognitive function.
Implementing Evidence-Based Practices:
  • Discover evidence-based strategies to optimize social connections for brain health, such as fostering strong social ties, nurturing supportive relationships, and engaging in social activities.
Understanding the Science of Social Connection:
  • Explore the latest scientific findings on social connection, including its impact on overall well-being and the factors influencing its effectiveness in promoting brain health.
Crafting Practical Strategies for Enhanced Social Connections:
  • Learn actionable strategies for optimizing social connections, including setting realistic goals, fostering supportive environments, and participating in enjoyable social activities.
  • Social Connection Reflection Journal: Participants engage in reflective journaling, prompted to explore their social interactions, emotions, and observations. By contemplating the quality of their connections, the impact of social support, and potential challenges, they gain self-awareness and insight into the vital role of social bonds in brain health.
  • Social Connection Action Plan: Participants craft personalized action plans aimed at bolstering their social connections. Using provided worksheets, they delineate specific goals, such as initiating contact with loved ones or engaging in community activities.