Virtual/Instructor-led training

Body Percussion Sessions


Body percussion is a fun and interactive way to energize the body and mind. It involves using various parts of the body to create rhythms and sounds.

In this workshop, participants will learn various body percussion techniques and how to incorporate them into their daily routine to boost energy and improve overall well-being.

  • Immerse yourself in our engaging Body Percussion sessions, designed to promote rhythm, coordination, and team bonding.
  • Discover the world of percussive expression as you use your own body as an instrument, creating rhythmic melodies in a dynamic and interactive environment.
  • Enhance your coordination, communication, and teamwork skills through collaborative rhythmic experiences.
  • Choose between virtual participation with instructions provided or in-person sessions hosted at your workplace or as part of a team offsite event.
  • Body Beats: Explore the fundamentals of body percussion, including clapping, snapping, stomping, and vocal percussion (beatboxing).
  • Rhythmic Collaboration: Engage in collaborative rhythm-building exercises, promoting synergy and unity within your team.
  • Percussive Communication: Discover how body percussion can enhance non-verbal communication and teamwork through rhythmic patterns.
  • Virtual Sessions: Engage from anywhere, following our provided instructions for virtual body percussion experiences.
  • In-Person Workshops: Elevate your experience by hosting us at your workplace or as part of a team offsite event, with all materials provided.
  1. Explore the World of Rhythm: Select a Body Percussion session that suits your team’s rhythm and coordination goals.
  2. Reach Out: Contact us to schedule a body percussion event.
  3. Prepare for the Beat: If joining virtually, familiarize yourself with provided instructions and prepare a suitable space for rhythmic exploration.
  4. Create and Collaborate: Attend the session, engage in rhythmic exercises, and experience the power of percussive communication.
  5. Sync with Rhythm: Embrace the dynamic world of Body Percussion, where each rhythm and beat brings your team closer together through rhythm and coordination.