Bespoke Wellbeing Programs

WORKBLISS provides bespoke wellness programs to suit the needs of your workforce. From industry-specific programs to prevention and intervention strategies, cardiovascular health and stress management programs.
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Health Risks

Each organization and industry has its unique set of circumstances and health risk factors to mitigate.

WORKBLISS delivers a range of services to support you in building wellness programs that target specific risks, and increase performance in certain areas. For global wellness managers, you may find that certain geographies are more susceptible to certain risks. This data can support you in building customized regional programs to help you manage and minimize those risks.

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Holistic Mental Health Program

Your organizational requirements for mental health differs from others. Employees might be feeling the pressure of overwork; financial stress might be more of the issue; monotony may cause resentment and lack of morale; manager-employee relations may be causing tension.
There are many variables to consider.
WORKBLISS supports you in building targeted programs that mitigate your unique set of challenges.

Cardiovascular Health Program

The determinants of cardiovascular health include good amounts of exercise, healthy nutrition, quality sleep, manageable stress levels, and favourable social connections. A prevalent risk factor is the evolution of societal changes contributing to sedentary lifestyles.
This sample strategy showcases how WORKBLISS services can be used to develop a robust cardiovascular health strategy.

Musculoskeletal Health Program

Musculoskeletal health injuries and minor disorders make up a significant percentage of absenteeism statistics. This program shares presentations and initiatives to lower incidences of musculoskeletal disorders in your workplace.

Physical Activity Program

Physical activity is associated with numerous benefits for the individual and employer. Health risk factors are greatly reduced which helps to improve KPI metrics such as productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs. Increased physical activity can also help to boost morale, increase employee retention and improve employer brand profile.

Physical Activity

Alcohol Awareness Program

The impact of alcohol misuse in the workplace can be severe. A 2016 British Medical Association report outlines the negative impacts alcohol can have on the organisation through lost productivity due to absenteeism, presenteeism, inappropriate behaviour, accidents and poor performance, as well as leading to shorter working lives.
In addition, alcohol is being used as a coping strategy for mental health issues, stress and other related conditions.
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Alcohol Awareness