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Impacts on Psychological and Cognitive Wellbeing

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This program has been designed to help employees understand the impact of alcohol on mental health, cognitive health, brain health, and performance.

Alcohol & Mental Health
  • Alcohol as a Catalyst: Exacerbating Existing Mental Health Conditions
  • The Onset of New Challenges: Alcohol-Induced Mental Health Problems
Alcohol & Cognitive Health
  • Memory Matters: How Alcohol Impairs Cognitive Function
  • Beyond Memory: Multifaceted Impacts on Cognitive Health
Alcohol & Brain Health
  • The Brain’s Vulnerability: Alcohol’s Impact on Brain Cells
  • Communication Breakdown: Interference with Brain Pathways
The Impact on Performance
  • Alcohol’s Effects on Work Performance: Impairment and Risk
  • Accidents and Incidents: The Consequences of Alcohol in the Workplace
Psychological Effects of Alcohol
  • The Emotional Toll: Depression and Anxiety
  • Decision Dilemmas: Impaired Decision-Making Abilities
  • Addiction Risk: Alcohol’s Role in Addiction Development