A La Carte

WORKBLISS offers a comprehensive selection of a la carte wellness sessions to help your employees take charge of their health. Our services range from yoga and meditation to nutrition counseling, skills training, financial wellbeing and stress management.

View our range of sessions below.

The Brain and Technology: The Impact of Screens on Cognitive Function

Mental Health

Discover 40+ sessions, designed to enhance employee mental health and well-being. Expert-led programs cover stress management, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and more, fostering resilience and personal growth in a supportive, inclusive environment.

Boosting Your Immune System Through Nutrition


Explore our 25+ nutrition sessions, crafted to optimize employee health and vitality. Led by expert nutritionists, these programs promote balanced eating, mindful habits, and sustainable lifestyle changes. Empower your team with the gift of nourishment and well-being.

Posture Power: Strategies for Maintaining Good Posture at Your Desk

Physical Health

Experience our 40+ physical well-being sessions, designed to boost employee health across heart, musculoskeletal, ergonomics, sleep, and more. Expert-guided programs encourage healthy habits, enhanced performance, and overall vitality. Strengthen your team’s physical foundation for a thriving workplace.

workplace fitness


Energize your team with our 15+ fitness sessions and workouts, featuring yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and deskercise. Expert-led classes foster flexibility, strength, and balance, supporting employee well-being and productivity. Ignite a culture of movement and health in your workplace today.

Communication Skills Training: Assertive Communication


Elevate your team with our learning and development sessions, tailored to boost professional growth and workplace success. Expert-driven courses cover essential skills, innovative thinking, and leadership development, empowering employees to excel and contribute to your organization’s progress.

Savings and Investments 101: A Practical Guide to Building Wealth


Empower your employees with our financial well-being sessions, designed to enhance financial literacy and promote smart money management. Expert-led workshops provide tools and strategies for budgeting, saving, and investing, fostering financial confidence and stability in your team.



Strengthen your organization with our management and leadership sessions, designed to cultivate effective, inspiring leaders. Expert-led workshops focus on communication, decision-making, and team-building skills, empowering managers to drive growth and success throughout their workforce.

remote work training


Enhance your team’s remote work capabilities with our skills training sessions, tailored to maximize productivity and collaboration in a virtual setting. Expert-led courses cover effective communication, time management, and digital tools, fostering a thriving remote work environment.

social wellbeing


Boost your team’s social well-being with our engaging sessions, designed to nurture positive connections and camaraderie in the workplace. Expert-facilitated activities promote open communication, empathy, and team bonding, fostering a harmonious and collaborative work environment for all