Seamless Local & Global
Employee Wellness Programs.

Design, Implement, Manage, Track & Evaluate the effectiveness of your wellness programs with WORKBLIS.

Save time by centralizing program management, with bespoke and turnkey solutions provided across the wellness spectrum. 

Services include multilingual webinars and workshops on Mental Health, Financial Wellness, Nutrition, Cardiovascular Health, BackCare, Ergonomics & Musculoskeletal Health, Managerial & Leadership Wellbeing, L&D, Fitness Sessions, and Virtual & In-person Team Building Sessions – scheduled at your preferred date and time.

Create a wellness program designed for your workplace!

Tailored Wellness Programs To
Meet The Needs Of Your Diverse Workforce

Bespoke Wellness Programs

Your Time, Your Content.
Have services delivered at your preferred schedule. Choose content that reflect business needs, and align with internal campaigns.

Multiple Streams of Wellbeing

Create a holistic program that combines Mental, Physical, Financial, Social, Organizational & Environmental Wellbeing. Include L&D Training, plus Managerial and Leadership Wellbeing Programs

Comprehensive Range of services

Webinars, Podcasts, Wellness Articles/Blogs, Meal Plans, Wellness Challenges, Pop-Up Smoothie Bars - Design an integrated program that appeals to a wide range of learning styles.

Program Extras & Add-ons

Measure program effectiveness with Wellness Audits, Burnout & Resilience Assessments, Engagement Tracking, Body Composition Analysis. Showcase your findings with White Papers written by our staff.

Unique Wellness Programs that Offer More!

Delight employees with a vibrant selection of virtual and in-person initiatives; from Tai Chi for colleagues in India to Deskercise for Canadian associates, Burnout Prevention Webinars for EMEA staff and Nutrition Workshops in Malaysia, to Smoothie Making Sessions for Singapore employees, Laughter Yoga in London, Art Jamming for Portuguese-speaking colleagues in Brazil, and more.

Best of all, the delivery of your multi-geographical, multilingual wellness program is centrally managed – freeing up time for your benefits and wellness team and enabling streamlined administrative procedures.

Our Clients

Designing wellness programs for leading companies
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Do more for your employees.

Create comprehensive, engaging wellness sessions that fit employee preferences.

Simplify the program planning process with a centralized solution.

Use a global delivery that allows for consistent messaging across multiple geographies.