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Global Employee Wellness Programs.

Creating healthier workplaces is beneficial for businesses, but managing wellness programs can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when trying to coordinate initiatives across multiple locations.

This is where WORKBLIS comes in. We are a global wellness agency that simplifies the process of implementing employee wellness and workplace culture programs by providing resources for planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation.

With WORKBLIS, you can easily coordinate wellness initiatives across different geographies and enjoy a seamless experience.

WORKBLISS Global Wellness Services

2023 Employee Wellbeing Calendar

Need inspiration for your wellness program this year? 
This calendar shares lots of ideas for global and regional health awareness days – from World Mental Health Day to Heart Health Month, Back Care Awareness and more.

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Pillars Of Employee Wellbeing

Having a well-rounded approach when designing your wellness strategy can help to address a variety of health risks. Research suggests that there are typically 5-8 pillars of wellbeing that should be considered.

WORKBLIS offers solutions for wellness programs that incorporate a range of employee wellness indicators to create a comprehensive and effective wellness strategy.


Bespoke Wellbeing Programs

Every employer has their unique set of challenges –¬†company culture goals to meet, KPI metrics to improve, safety factors to consider, and health risks to mitigate – all at varying levels.

WORKBLIS offers customizable programs that can help your organization address these challenges by providing targeted services that align with your specific requirements.

With our wide range of services and global reach, you can schedule the delivery of these programs at a time that works for you, in order to address prevalent health risks and improve key metrics within your organization.

Bespoke Wellness Programs & Packages

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